Episode 5: How Mozilla Changed the Internet

Time: October 27th, 2020, 4pm CEST/11am EDT/8am PDT
Featured speaker: John Lilly

Join Dave Neary in a discussion with former CEO of Mozilla Corporation, John Lilly, on how an open source project which became independent of AOL in 2003 managed to reintroduce competition into the browser market and modernize the Internet, while generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

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Past episodes

Episode 1: The Delicate Art of Open Source Product Management

Featured speakers: Adam Jacob, Scott McCarty

Description: In this discussion, we will explore the delicate art of building a product offering based on an open source project. Adam Jacob, former CTO and founder of Chef, and Scott McCarty, product manager for OpenShift in Red Hat, will lead a discussion on the trade-offs involved in community engagement and growth and building a product with a compelling value proposition for customers.

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Episode 2: Open Source and Convenience in the Era of Software as a Service

Featured speaker: Stephen O’Grady

Description: Industry analyst Stephen O’Grady from Redmonk will lead a presentation and discussion on the way in which on-demand consumption of open source projects has changed the nature of how people adopt open source, and the consequences that has for companies building a business around products based on open source projects.

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Episode 3: The Labor Economics of Open Source

Time: October 13th, 2020, 4pm CEST/11am EDT/8am PDT
Featured speakers: Dirk Riehle, Alyssa Wright

Description: Open source is changing how software is built and how money is made. Open source also defines a new developer career that is independent of the traditional career within companies. Researcher Dirk Riehle and Alyssa Wright of the Open Collective will lead a discussion about this new career, and will argue that it creates economic value for some while it makes life harder for others. Suggesting that such a career is worthwhile, the talk then discusses key skills that a developer should possess or train in order to be successful in open source projects. We will also discuss how creators of successful open source can develop a plan to earn a living while working on their project.

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Episode 4: The Evolution of Open Source Non-Profits

Time: October 20th, 2020, 4pm CEST/11am EDT/8am PDT
Featured speakers: Karen Sandler, Myrle Krantz Featured host: Stephen Walli

Description: Join Stephen Walli as he curates a discussion on the evolving role of the non-profits created around open source projects over the past 20 years. Our featured speakers are Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy, and former Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, and Myrle Krantz, board member and treasurer of the Apache Software Foundation.

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Future topics

We are still in the process of building a world-class schedule of events for the Open Source in Business series. Topics we plan to explore include:

Stay tuned for future additions to the series schedule! If you have ideas for topics for discussion, contact us with your suggestions!