Season 2 is in full swing!

Venture Capital and Open Source. April 14th, 12am EDT

The Role of Open Source Program Offices Outside the Software Industry. April 21st, 11am EDT

How Innersource can accelerate culture change. April 28th, 9am EDT

Catch up on past episodes

Episode 1: The Open Source Database Market

Featuring Marten Mickos

Episode 2: The Business of Standards and Open Source

Featuring Silona Bonewald and Guy Martin, hosted by Stephen Walli

Episode 3: Drupal: A case-study in ecosystem development

Featuring Dries Buytaert and Heather Rocker

Episode 4: The Transformation of an Industry - Open Source in Film

Featuring Carol Payne and Larry Gritz

Highlights from Season 1

Here is a short compilation from the first season of Open Source in Business.

Archive of Season 1

Complete episodes of the first season are also available for viewing here.

Exploring open source in business

The growth of open source methodology as a successful process for software development, content creation, and hardware engineering is one of the best technological stories of the 21st Century. Merging those creative processes successfully with business practices has, at times, proven to be challenging, but by no means impossible.

The Open Source in Business webinar series intends to bridge this gap by providing a vendor-neutral forum to discuss the business of open source. The series will examine companies who release software as open source and make money by using that software, rather than by selling it. Participants will hear from services companies that have grown organically by specializing in support and solutions around niche open source projects. Sessions will explore how successful consortia help define and grow a marketplace around popular open source projects. Venture capital partners will share what they look for in successful high-growth businesses, and how open source can play a role in those companies.

Join us for interactive sessions and discussions that explore the inflection point between open source and business, and discover how success in open source business happens.