About the series

The Open Source in Business Series is a community-organized series of virtual webinars, created to explore the relationship between business and open source projects. This series of collaborative events will explore what it means to be a successful open source company, the types of companies most likely to benefit from taking venture capital investment, and the types of companies that perform better with organic growth. The series will discuss how projects can give users confidence to deploy their software in mission critical applications, and how nonprofits can play a role in developing a commercial ecosystem around an open source project.

This virtual event is global in scope, not be tied to a specific timezone - the goal is to make pre-recorded presentations from industry experts available regularly, and focus real-time scheduled sessions on interactive discussions and debates, moderated Q&A, and watch parties, where viewers will interact with each other, event organizers, and speakers in real time.

Live sessions will be scheduled in timezones friendly for viewers from the Urals to the Pacific. And if you can’t attend live, don’t worry, content will be posted immediately after the event.

Stay tuned for more details of the live talk schedule, including topics, speakers, registration, and viewing details.

Program Committee


The Open Source in Business Speaker Series events are offered at no cost for attendees, and neither the speakers nor program committee members receive any compensation for their participation. The program committee members are collaborating as open source professionals with decades of collective experience in this area, and are not acting as representatives of their respective employers.